For several years the main guiding principle of the church has been a three-fold strapline:


An emphasis on a warm, open welcome to people, and with the conviction that a major source of church growth has been people having positive experience of the life of the church, and inviting others along. Set in a multi-ethnic community, the church has always encouraged attendance, participation and leadership by people from all ethnic groups in the area. This concern to make Christian fellowship and worship as widely available as possible has led the church to plant churches on two housing estates in the area.


The church has laid considerable emphasis on preaching that enables people to find a personal relationship with Christ through preaching from scripture and encouraging a response of faith. It lays store on thorough baptism and confirmation preparation; and on encouraging both personal bible reading and meeting in small groups.

be out there

St Ann’s has always sought to be involved in the local community, both by encouraging discipleship and witness in peoples everyday lives, and by church-initiated projects.