New beginnings

New Year greetings everyone! So 2019 is definitely underway (I cannot believe it’s nearly February already…) and we praise our God that He’s the amazing God of new seasons and new beginnings (Daniel 2:21). In truth, this new season began for me back in December 2018 when I officially took up post of Youth and Schools Ministry Pioneer here at St Ann’s, Tottenham.

In such a short space of time, I have seen God faithfully answer many of my prayers and concerns; from helping me to settle into a new fellowship, being welcomed and encouraged by so many, to providing new (there’s that word again - new!) ideas and resources for His work; along with His gentle, quiet Spirit reminding me that He is with me every step of the way! (Joshua 1:9).

As we get ready to re-start the toddler groups at both St Ann’s and The Hut, I am excited as well as eager to see how God will use these ministries for His glory. I have never run a toddler group before so this is definitely a ‘new thing’ for me…but the fact that His word says ‘Behold’ fills me with further excitement as I translate that into ‘’Wow!! Look and see…’’

Please continue to pray for this work and may God continue to bless us all, in Jesus’s mighty name.

Sharon Mitchell

Youth and Schools Ministry Pioneer