children at St Ann’s

At St Ann’s we want to equip children and families to be lifelong followers of jesus. By knowing who god is, who he created us to be and how we can impact the world around us through the love of god and be equipped with the good news of jesus.

WHEN : 3.30 - 5pm (term time only)  WHERE : St Ann’s Church Hall  WHO : ages 8-11 (school years 4-6)

WHEN: 3.30 - 5pm (term time only)
WHERE: St Ann’s Church Hall
WHO: ages 8-11 (school years 4-6)

Junior RiSE on Friday’s

On Friday afternoon’s from 3.30 - 5pm, we have Junior RiSE in the church hall. This is 90 minutes of hanging out with friends after a long school week, meeting new people, playing games and most of all having fun! We always start off the afternoon with a large group game to get everyone involved and often the leaders are on the loosing end!

WHEN : 09:30 & 11am on Sundays  WHERE : In church (children are taken across to the hall before the talk)  WHO : Ages 5-11 (school years 1-6)

WHEN: 09:30 & 11am on Sundays
WHERE: In church (children are taken across to the hall before the talk)
WHO: Ages 5-11 (school years 1-6)

LITTLE &junior RiSE on Sunday’s

We have groups for ages 5-11 for both the 09:30 and 11am gatherings on a Sunday morning, except for the second Sunday of the month which is our all age/one family service. The children are with us in church for the first part of the morning and leave usually just before the talk.